Interactive Multimedia Content, Editorial Calendar for Tilal

Interactive Multimedia Content, Editorial Calendar for Tilal

The Client

Tilal is an innovative real estate development company established to meet the growing demand for housing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With 40,000 employees, Tilal represents 3 Saudi groups — an alliance providing access to an extensive network with a resource pool of more than 115 companies in various sectors.

The Challenge

As a newly established but significantly sized real estate company, Tilal needed content to convince stakeholders to come together around their innovative new model for development. In short, they knew what they wanted to do, but hadn’t yet found a way to communicate their vision.

Our Solution

  • OTM created a concept for Tilal to communicate with stakeholders via an interactive multimedia content experience combining text, audio, video and graphics. The concept, called Tilal Life, was a quarterly publication, initially web-based, but with the scope to become a print publication with supplementary online interactive material.
  • By identifying the needs of Tilal’s audience and examining how these needs coincided with Tilal’s vision, we designed Tilal life in a way that spoke to the growth the client wanted to achieve.
  • OTM delivered the first edition of Tilal Life as an interactive web-page with multimedia elements and designed with Elementor. In addition to this, we also designed the next three issues of Tilal Life and gave the client the step-by-step editorial calendar necessary to implement these designs.

The Impact

  • With Tilal Life as a basis for Tilal’s stakeholder communication, the real estate company now has a unified content voice behind its vision for development in the KSA.
  • The wealth of material associated with Tilal Life and the Tilal Life editorial calendar, whether shared via the publication or by personal correspondence, gives Tilal the content it needs to stay on the minds of stakeholders for the next year and more.

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