Content Marketing

Unlock the Power of Content.

The right content at the right time using the right channels can be a magical formula for your brand’s growth. To unlock the power of content for your brand, we help you create a customer-centric content strategy that is based on a customer journey map that details your approach across channels.

content marketing audit

The Content Marketing Audit is one of OTM’s most popular services and not without reason: We have found that one of the hardest things to define for brands is where they truly stand with their marketing efforts. This makes it difficult to know where to start with improving their strategies and also how to measure progress.

customer journey mapping workshop

A Customer Journey Map (CJM) is the place where the front end and the back end of your marketing efforts meet. It is also the key to creating a customer-centric and data-driven culture as we link marketing strategies and content touchpoints with specific metrics.

content marketing strategy

Creating a content marketing strategy goes beyond just writing down what you will produce and how you will distribute it. At its core, the content marketing strategy explores your customers' needs. It brings together their needs and emotions, the journey and promises you to offer them and translates into a practical content approach.

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