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Family-owned enterprises around the world have to the majority been male-founded and male-led. Successors are more likely than not male descendants, leaving high potential female successors out of the equation.

This does not just perpetuate economic injustice for women but it hinders the development of inclusive and diverse leadership and insights, which family firms direly need to face the economic challenges of the 21st century.

WIFB is a global platform that offers an opportunity to women to share their expertise and insights in matters related to the family enterprise and wealth, connect with their peers, and contribute to the creation of a strong community.

We stand for equal access and opportunity of every women who looks to take up her rightful role as a successor, inheritor, investor or leader.

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WIFB’s podcast is a leading platform that captures conversations and in- depth interviews with inspirational women from around the world.

Thought Leadership

WIFB collaborates with experts and academics to provide thought leadership and best-practice articles for women in family enterprises.


Since our foundation, we have hosted over 20 in-person workshops and round tables. We have spoken about female leadership, about how to be a good owner, about family dynamics and many more crucial questions.

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We are looking to partner with organisations who share our values and directly wish to impact and support female family business leaders globally with content and networking opportunities.

Become an Advertiser

WIFB Advertising partners benefit from a high-end niche exposure to business and wealth owners via our website, newsletter, social media and podcast.

Become a Thought Leader

If you are a woman from a family enterprise or family office background and would like to share your experiences with us on our podcast or via a though leadership piece, get in touch with our editorial team.
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WIFB is for everyone!

Get in touch today and learn how you can become a WIFB partner and contributor.

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