Content Marketing Audit

Marketing audit

audit. understand. act.

The Content Marketing Audit is one of OTM’s most popular services and not without reason: We have found that one of the hardest things to define for brands is where they truly stand with their marketing efforts. This makes it difficult to know where to start with improving their strategies and also how to measure progress.

Our audit takes an in-depth look at your status quo and how you can take the first steps towards improving your marketing strategy.


marketing audit

Status Quo Analysis of your Marketing

We analyse your current marketing efforts and establish a precise status quo report which helps identify gaps and opportunities.

Stakeholder Mapping

Our stakeholder interviews and surveys allow us to form a picture your brand culture and desired positioning.

Customer Segment Design

Customer-centricity is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. By defining clear customer segmentation, we set future strategies up for success.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding who your competitors are and how they are going about positioning themselves is key to designing marketing strategies.


Content Marketing Audit Report

A comprehensive report is the chief outcome of the Content Marketing Audit. In this report you will have an overview of all your channels and their performances, as well as the stakeholder map and competitive analysis. A dedicated section will highlight current gaps and first suggestions for improvments.

Customer Journey Gaps

The Audit will highlight in which areas of your customer journey you are facing potential gaps and how they are impacting your brand performance.

Content Marketing Checklist

The Content Marketing Audit outcome allows us to provide you with a checklist that includes the next steps on your content marketing journey. From channel health improvements to tools that can support you on your way forward, this list will give you a foundation for the next phase.
content marketing audit outcome

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