The Premium Blogging Service

Combine the forces of AI-driven SEO and high-quality content to enhance your brand.

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One Service That Does It All

Even though there are more communication channels at our disposal than ever before, cutting through the noise and reaching your target audience is not easy. And even if you reach your clients, how can you convince, evoke emotions and build trust around your brand? A sure way through the competitive marketing noise and into the hearts of your audience is original and relevant content that is unique to your brand and will fuel your marketing efforts.

Wordlift and Orbis Terra Media

That is why WordLift and OTM have partnered to design the ultimate blogging service package: High-quality original content production and AI-driven SEO to enhance your brand visibility and reach your customers. This partnership provides you with an integrated service approach. Bringing together their expertise in high-end content production and AI-powered SEO they will ensure higher engagement with your customers.

Discover our Premium Blogging Service and unlock the power of the written word for your brand.

Benefits for your Brand

What results can you expect from our Premium Blogging Service? Our efforts are focused on leveraging your blog towards increasing the following key performance metrics for your brand:

Increase in Organic Traffic
Generate More Prospects and Leads
Amplify Brand Awareness
Gather More Customer Insights

Services Tiers

/ monthly
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/ monthly
  • Content Channel Assessment/Support
  • Tailored and Keyword Optimised Editorial Calendar
  • Articles per month
  • Newsletter services
  • SEO services
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Website Assessment
  • 12-months Editorial Calendar
  • 6/month
  • 2/month
  • Standard
  • Basic - Dashboard Overview
  • Website and Social Media Assessment
  • 12-months Editorial Calendar
  • 10/month
  • 4/month
  • Advanced
  • Advanced - Dashboard Overview - Quarterly Performance Metrics Report
  • Bespoke
  • Bespoke
  • Bespoke (multimedia content production incl. video, audio, graphics, and text)
  • Bespoke
  • VIP (Includes dedicated SEO account manager)
  • Advanced - Dashboard Overview - Quarterly Performance Metrics Report