Content Strategy and Brand Positioning for Private Bank

Content Strategy and Brand Positioning for Private Bank

The Client

FAB is the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates, established in April 2017 through the merger of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank. Its network spans over 19 countries.

The Challenge

FAB Private Banking was looking to extend its brand reach in the countries it already serves and strengthen its reputation as a global player.

As a newly merged bank serving rapidly changing markets, FAB Private Banking was unclear about how they compared to their competitors. FAB Private Banking needed to know what made them unique in order to communicate its viability as a banking solution to stakeholders. Without this critical information, their brand positioning would remain both understated and undervalued.

Additionally, FAB Private Banking needed a content marketing strategy that would build trust and unique experiences for their current and prospective clients, raising their competitiveness in digital and physical spaces to that of the world’s foremost private banks like UBS and Julius Baer.

Our Solution

Data and Insights Generations

OTM provided a three-part solution to find out what set FAB apart from leading competitors, solidify their brand positioning and create a content marketing framework with proven solutions to reinforce their new positioning.

We conducted a competitor analysis using the latest data analytics toolkit to ascertain FAB’s five largest competitors’ digital presence and keyword competitiveness, as well as their brand positioning, content output and authenticity to brand promise.

OTM also conducted a series of interviews with FAB executives and other stakeholders to determine what gives them an edge over their competitors.

Competitive Analysis and Brand Positioning

The output of these interviews, combined with an overview of the banks’ history, services and strategic goals and were then used to compile a brand positioning document. Not only did this document provide an exhaustive look at FAB’s current positioning and aspirations, but it also included a methodology for stakeholder communications with brand promises, brand statements and touch words to unify the voice of FAB effectively.

Content Marketing Framework

Guided by FAB’s competitor analysis and new brand positioning document, OTM created a framework to map FAB’s content marketing strategy for the next several years. The various content touchpoints identified were broken down using a content pyramid — a visual guide categorising five different levels of content based on their ability to make FAB stand out from competitors.

FAB’s content marketing framework also included recommendations for how frequently each type of content or content platform should be utilised in order to engage stakeholders and potential clients.

OTM continued working with FAB Private Banking on content production included in other case studies featured here.

The Impact

  • Using the competitive analysis, FAB Private Banking capitalised on the organisational attributes that distinguish them from the competition, accentuating the qualities they excel at.
  • Guided by the language and identity markers provided in the brand positioning document, the private bank can now communicate with their stakeholders using a unified voice.
  • FAB took on many of the various content solutions recommended to them in the content strategy, especially the private events, which deepened their relationships with clients and other stakeholders.
  • The content strategy also jumpstarted the bank’s commitment to original multimedia content production to enhance the client experience.

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