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Why make a film about your family business

Every family business is host to a hundred entertaining anecdotes, tales of courage, devastating failures and soaring successes. The lessons that can be learnt from them are countless, and the next generation of owners is entrusted with the task of continuing the tale. The medium of film offers an exciting channel to capture the essence of your family business and motivate the next generation to share in your vision and legacy.

The experience of making a film about your legacy offers a unique opportunity for emotional connection, creating a powerful space for meaningful dialogue across generations. It is also a powerful tool for storytelling that can help build brand awareness and authenticity around your company’s legacy.

Ramia El Agamy
Mark Hopkins

About Award-winning Vitas Media and Orbis Terra Media

Family Business Films is the next step for Vitas Media and Mark Hopkins in his storied career directing films in Hollywood and beyond. Mark was intrigued by the questions: How can we capture this feeling? How do we make sure our children and grandchildren understand what it means to be a part of this business?

As a feature film director, Mark believes that films have an unparalleled capacity to transmit emotions and preserve the moment.

Ramia M. El Agamy, Editor-in-Chief of Tharawat Magazine and Founder of Orbis Terra Media, has over a decade of experience connecting with hundreds of family businesses from around the globe, telling their stories and celebrating their successes.

Orbis Terra Media’s singular understanding of family businesses, coupled with Vitas Media’s mastery of visual storytelling, represents an unprecedented opportunity for families to document their legacies.

Your family business story: A film waiting to be created.

The Process

Our process takes your family business on a journey that will bring your legacy to life on screen. The production process can be adapated to your family’s particular requirements.

In-depth knowledge is fundamental for good storytelling. To augment the extensive research and careful review of the materials provided, a pre-production call covers questions and formalises the logistical elements of the shoot.
The day prior to the shoot is reserved for on-site planning. The Director, Producer and crew meet with interviewees at the location to plan shots, look at the light and establish a schedule to ensure the production process is as seamless as possible. Over the course of a few days, the production team shoots the entirety of the raw material needed to produce a high-quality film.
Our editors and production team work to bring the project to completion. This process includes rounds of revisions, where your feedback is implemented into the final film.
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