Brand Positioning

Formulate the Difference you Make.

The foundation of your brand’s success lies in getting your identity and your story right. We offer you a comprehensive process to align your team around a shared brand positioning statement and clarify the promises you make to your customers. Discover the “why”, “how” and “what” of your brand’s positioning through our specialised services.

brand positioning promises

Defining your Brand Positioning and formulating your Brand Promises is the cornerstone of having an aligned brand image in the market. Your brand positioning establishes how you will differentiate yourself in your customers mind and your brand promises describe the unique experience you want to offer them.

brand story

Telling your story across all your channels consistently is a key ingredient to growing your brand. Our Brand Story development services help to ensure your story is authentic and reflects your values. Our step-by-step process results in the formulation of a multi-purpose text, your brand story, that you can use across platforms.

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