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Tharawat Magazine was established in 2008 for family businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. We are dedicated to sharing stories and thought leadership for business and wealth owners that wish to make their enterprises last for generations.

We've published over 1300 articles online and interviewed hundreds of family enterprises and experts in over 70 countries. In addition, our 'The Family Business Voice' podcast lists 120 episodes and is available on all major platforms. Across channels, Tharawat Magazine reaches an audience of over 2 million readers and listeners yearly.

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The Tharawat Magazine Website is the heart of our content experience. With more than 1300 articles published and hundreds of families featured, it represents a rich, multimedia experience for our readers.

Social Media

Tharawat Magazine content can be followed on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The Family Business Voice

The Family Business Voice has published over 120 episodes of which most are dedicated to conversations with family enterprise owners and experts.


The Tharawat Magazine Newsletter regularly highlights new content from the stories section and the podcast. It also features sponsorship messages and banner advertisements from our partners.

how you can partner with Tharawat Magazine

For Family Enterprises

Are you part of a family enterprise with a story to tell? Have you been in business for more than 20 years and do you have a multigenerational outlook on your business and/or wealth? Celebrate your family’s achievements with a story in Tharawat Magazine.

For Authors and Researchers

Have you authored new research and/or generated original data in the family enterprise field? Are you an author who’s published a family enterprise-related book in the last year? Send a summary to our editors, who can give you feedback on if your content is a fit for The Family Business Voice or a short editorial in the magazine.

For Service Providers

We are excited to help service providers (e.g. in finance, executive education, insurance, business consulting and more) grow their brands through our content partnership offerings which place your thought leadership and advertisements right next to high-end original content about family enterprises.
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Tharawat Magazine is for everyone!

Get in touch today and learn how you can become a Tharawat Magazine partner and contributor.

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