Personal Branding, Content Marketing Strategy

Personal Branding, Content Marketing Strategy

The Client

The client is a successful next-generation family business owner and entrepreneur with a deep appreciation for content creation.

The Challenge

Like most family business owners, our client wears many hats. Having found the ideal balance between these roles in practice, he needed to establish his personal brand in a way that would not contradict his many activities.

Our Solution

OTM designed a personal branding strategy to unify our client’s various roles into one cogent public persona.

We held in depth interviews with two of his closest associates to help determine the unique qualities that make him a standout thought leader and entrepreneur. In a workshop format, we ran through the analysis of these interviews while at the same time examining benchmark personal branding ideas exhibited by international authors, business tycoons and celebrities.

With the results of these exercises, we compiled a personal brand positioning document along with a full content marketing strategy to establish that positioning. These recommendations, which outline the type, platform, and frequency of content solutions ideally suited to our client’s personal trajectory, make up the toolkit necessary for him to achieve the kind and level of recognition he needs to further his career and share his insights with others.

The Impact

  • OTM’s personal branding strategy provided the clarity our client needed to align his various entrepreneurial roles into a strategic public persona.
  • The personal branding strategy allowed our client to feel empowered in the assumption of his diverse activities without feeling like he had to choose either or.
  • Our work helped him move forward more confidently with his various content ideas and PR engagement knowing that they align with his personal brand positioning.

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