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the most important journey you'll ever plan.

A Customer Journey Map (CJM) is the place where the front end and the back end of your marketing efforts meet. It is also the key to creating a customer-centric and data-driven culture as we link marketing strategies and content touchpoints with specific metrics.
Through Client Journey Mapping, it is possible to gauge what your audience is thinking and feeling as they come into contact with your brand and to formulate a response that is empathetic and measurable.

Client Journey Mapping focuses on putting client emotions centre-stage and provides a guide towards accurate client tracking across all your physical and digital channels.

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1. Content Marketing Audit and Brand Positioning

Creating a full audit including interviewing all major stakeholders as well as formulating a clear brand positioning statement are pre-requisites to building the customer journey map.

2. Building the Customer Journey Map

Based on the information and direction gathered from 1., OTM designs a detailed map that connects every dimension from customer emotion all the way to back office tasks across every stage of the customer journey from awareness through to the customer experience.

3. Customer Journey Map Workshop

In this workshop, we work through every stage of the customer journey map with you and address any open questions you might have.

4. Customer Journey Map and Implementation Guide

Your customer journey map is written up and reviewed by our team of content strategists and editors. OTM provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to use your map to full effect.


Provide your Customers with an unforgettable experience

By intentionally taking your customers on a pre-designed journey, you will provide them with an unforgettable experience that will positively associate with your brand.

Understand how you are performing

The customer journey map is above all a great measurement tool. It will clearly help you identify how content and channels help you gain and retain your audience as well as enrich the customer experience. It will also show you when things don't work as they should!

Bring your team together around one map

This map unifies your team right from the C-suite through to marketing, sales and communications departments. It's the red line everyone can come back to as you try to provide your customer with a unified brand experience that seems to seamlessly anticipate their needs.
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