Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

more than a strategy.

Creating a content marketing strategy goes beyond just writing down what you will produce and how you will distribute it. At its core, the content marketing strategy explores your customers' needs. It brings together their needs and emotions, the journey and promises you to offer them and translates into a practical content approach. This strategy defines what content should reach your audience via which channel at what time and yield what results. It's where the customer journey map and content plan meet.

Your Content Marketing Strategy is a document that includes everything from your high-level motivation towards your audience to the nitty-gritty of how you will produce, distribute and measure the impact of your content.

audience centricity



1. Content Marketing Audit

Our signature audit establishes your status quo and takes an in-depth look at the health of your channels and current efforts.

2. Customer Journey Mapping

We document your customer journey in full bringing together the front and back end of your content marketing efforts. The map visualises how your customers will be guided throughout their experience via your content touch points.

3. Content Marketing Workshop

In this workshop, we work through the audit and customer journey with your team and review a first selection of content solutions.

4. Content Marketing Strategy

Your Content Marketing Strategy is written up and reviewed by our team of content strategists and editors. OTM provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to use content to grow your business including original content solutions tailored to your brand.


Not just a piece of paper

We design your strategy so it's ready for implementation. Not only does this strategy help you align your team, but it presents you with a concrete plan and measures for success.

Use your Content Strategy to measure success

The strategy provides you with concrete and measurable metrics. Use these to create a dashboard for your content marketing efforts from the first day of implementation.

A strategy for culture and growth

Your content marketing strategy should be both an inspirational and highly practical document. It helps you with promoting a content-centric company culture while giving you concrete steps and solutions to work towards growing your brand.
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We believe in the power of content!

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