Customer Journey Mapping and Content Strategy for Qineticare

Customer Journey Mapping and Content Strategy for Qineticare

The Client

As the world’s first Family Health Office, Qineticare’s mission is to “empower individuals and families through an integrative wellbeing journey of self-discovery to transform their way of being to live a meaningful life.” Qineticare proposes a truly unique business model and a holistic approach to wellbeing. OTM assisted Qineticare in streamlining its customer journey approach and elevating its digital marketing materials.

The Challenge

As the world’s first family health office, Qineticare’s had a unique business model. Without a precedent to help potential clients understand their offering, they found they were having to explain themselves from scratch for each new lead they generated. Their client journey was anything but streamlined, and they needed a partner to help ease the process and position them in a way that was easily communicated and understood.

Our Solution

OTM created a customer journey map for Qineticare to help understand what prospective and new clients needed and the best ways to deliver these touchpoints to them.

Our customer journey mapping for Qineticare included a competitor analysis, which looked at providers who offered some of the services that Qineticare covers to understand their market better.

Customer Journey Mapping and Content Strategy

We also interviewed Qineticare’s stakeholders and analysed their performance on various marketing channels in relation to their target audience to fully understand where they stood and where they wanted to get to. OTM’s customer journey map — the place where front-end and back-end marketing come together — showed Qineticare how they would get there.

The CJM details a client’s movement from awareness through to conversion and their experience thereafter, even after the service they engaged in is over. At each step, Qineticare could see the content touchpoints they had at their disposal to ease the onward transition, as well as recommendations from OTM for the ideal content to share along the way.

We also suggested metrics to measure in order to see how this content was working, as well as the tagging principles to apply that would link back to the CJM.

Further OTM developed:

  • Development and design of presentation decks
  • Digital interfaces for self-assessment tools
  • Digital strategies for webinars and social media
  • Consulting on content strategies

The Impact

  • The CJM highlighted a necessary list of assets to develop their ability to communicate with stakeholders, potential clients and those who have already engaged Qineticare’s services.
  • Qineticare has a comprehensive overview of the obstacles that interrupt the client journey, and recommendations as to the type of content that will help ease these bottlenecks.
  • Qineticare has successfully implemented some of these recommendations, including podcasts and webinars, which OTM coached them through initially, and is better able to communicate and market their services.

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