Brand Positioning, Content Strategy & Podcast for LGA

Brand Positioning, Content Strategy & Podcast for LGA

The Client

Our client – Lansberg Gersick Advisors (LGA) – is a 25-year old business advisory and education company in the US with a focus on providing continuity services to Family Enterprises. OTM supported LGA in gaining clarity around their brand positioning, design a comprehensive customer journey map and optimise some of its channel with original content creation and repurposing.

The Challenge

Lansberg Gersick Advisors (LGA), one of the pioneers of the family enterprise advisory field, found itself confronted with increased competition in its niche. After decades of high-quality work in the field, the organisation struggled to position itself and do its experience, team of experts, and services justice.

After further conversations, it became clear that work was required on brand identity and tone to align the team and make them feel more unified behind the LGA brand.

There was also a clear need to understand how LGA could move from relying uniquely on face-to-face interaction for business acquisition. It was crucial to start leveraging other channels to generate leads and grow brand equity through a targeted content marketing strategy.

LGA further indicated, that the firm had consistently created high-level content which was not being distributed or highlighted enough.

Our Solution

  • OTM undertook the development of a Brand Positioning statement that would clarify how LGA should be perceived in the minds of their clients.
  • OTM created a series of Brand Promises for LGA to use across its brand collaterals and when pitching to clients.
  • OTM created a Customer Journey Map and Content Marketing Strategy for LGA to stay focused on responding to client emotions and creating an intentional experience.
Customer Journey Mapping and Content Strategy
  • OTM rebranded LGA’s identity in line with its new brand positioning.
  • OTM created a new LGA website that is central to the implementation of the Customer Journey map.
  • OTM developed an original LGA podcast brand and first season in English and Spanish to create more content touch points with clients and prospects

The Impact

  • OTM was able to provide LGA with a clear Brand Positioning statement that allowed the team to align around a shared positioning goal and start using the promises in their outward communication. By creating this focus, LGA was able to streamline its marketing efforts towards strengthening it’s positioning and was able to eliminate activities that were not adding value.
  • The Customer Journey Map and Content Strategy has helped LGA to focus their attention towards a more client-centric culture whereby the experience they offer always stays at the centre of its efforts.
  • The new branding and website allowed LGA to manifest the new era they embarked on and gave a reason to reach out to old clients and new ones with their new language and look.
  • Repurposing the archival content and producing the podcast has provided the team with a lot of content to share with prospects and clients, deepening their relationships.

Lead Generation and Brand Equity

  • LGA has confirmed to OTM that podcast episodes played a crucial role in the conversion of a number of clients last year.
  • LGA was able to increase its website traffic.
  • LGA was able to gain momentum on Social Media by leveraging its new website and brand identity.
  • LGA has been able to shorten its funnel time by providing the team with standardised language and landing pages for all major services.

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