Three Steps to Becoming Friends with Automation

Three Steps to Becoming Friends with Automation

Anyone who frequently creates content knows that it can involve a lot of repetitive tasks. The good news is that the age of automation is here, and it is here to help. There are numerous free resources to automate tasks, allowing you to streamline your content marketing process and freeing up your time for the more important things in life/work. 

Warning: often, when we start automating tasks it requires a review of our existing processes and might highlight bottlenecks in our content production and distribution. So be ready for some revelations!

Follow these three steps to familiarise and get started with automation:
  1. Create a list of all the tedious and repetitive tasks that you are having to do on a regular basis. Ask your team to do the same. Add to each task how many times a day/week/month you have to repeat it and how many hours you spend on these tasks. Once you implement automation it will be your reward to realise how much of that time you are getting back.
  2. Make a list of all the software you are already using and see if they can integrate with each other. For instance, how about automatically creating a post in your Slack channel when a new item goes live on your website giving your team the opportunity to immediately share it through social media? Zapier is a great resource to discover how the various software you are using or should use can integrate with each other sparing you the bother of repetitive tasks.
  3. Create simple automation tasks with these tools. Start small with automated scheduling of your social media, for instance, and see how they work. Don’t shy away from making tweaks along the way. Very soon your only repetitive task will be to check for more ways to automate your content marketing process.

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