Three Tips to Respect the 20:80 Content Rule

Three Tips to Respect the 20:80 Content Rule

Creating content can be a time-consuming task. When after what seems like ages a piece of content is finally ready, it can feel like we have achieved our goal. It is that feeling of fatigue that can cause the failure of even the most lovingly crafted content! Once we are done with production it is, in fact, the moment the work has only begun because however much effort you spend on producing content, we always have to remember to invest four times as much into distributing it to the right audience. We call this the 20:80 Content Rule.

The importance of content distribution through the right channels is often overlooked likely because it is forgotten in the early planning stages. Use these 3 tips to respect the 20:80 content rule and make your content the great success it deserves: 


Prior to creating any content, decide in advance how what channels you want to distribute it on. Early on you can plan on what you want your content to look like on social media platforms, websites, videos or wherever else you believe it is likely that you will reach your audience. By doing this in advance, you are prepared for the distribution task when you are done with production. 


Once your content has been created, deploy it across channels with a clear schedule in mind. Remember not everything reaches everyone at the same time so don’t be afraid of repeatedly promoting your article or video. The effort of distribution needs to be continually optimised to ensure you are reaching your audience, so do not get discouraged if the first wave does not get you the response you hoped for.


While you are distributing your content, make sure to record the impact and try to understand the data it generates. The feedback you get can be immensely valuable in producing the next piece of content.

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