74 Content Ideas for your Brand

74 Content Ideas for your Brand

And how to find out which ones will work with your audience

The many physical and digital marketing channels at our disposal provide brands with a wealth of opportunities to create different shapes and formats of content to help them create creative and unique customer experiences.

This infographic presents 74 content ideas you can use to engage with your audience.

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But how do you know which type of content will be the most effective for your brand? Here are three dimensions to consider before getting started:

1. Channels

Consider the channels you use and how relevant they are to your audience. When selecting your content ideas, it’s advisable to start with formats that can be used across all channels so you can maximize their use.

2. Metrics

Key performance indicators will help measure your growth Photo By: Underawesternsky

Clarify your expectations and marketing objectives.

It’s key to link content efforts to clear and measurable outcomes. When you put content out there, make sure to monitor the metrics that are likeliest to inform you of how much they contribute to your overall growth objectives.

3. Expertise

Ask yourself if the content idea is suited to reflect the particular expertise that your brand is known for. Depending on your industry, the content that will engage your customers and their expectations will vary.

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