What I’ve Learned from Working with People on their Personal Brand

What I’ve Learned from Working with People on their Personal Brand

In the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with decision-makers from various sectors on their Personal Brand positioning and strategy. Through these experiences, I’ve gained insights into why personal branding is deeply misunderstood by many.

Contrary to popular belief, your personal brand isn’t just about social media followers or the level of recognition you achieve. It’s about how aligned you are with your goals and values and how this alignment is projected to the world.

Your personal brand is your own unique direction and path to success, guaranteeing authenticity and long-term happiness in your career.

Here are some key lessons and common misconceptions I’ve encountered and some of the main reasons why we struggle with personal branding:

You’re not the job. You do the job.

Many confuse their personal brand with their job title, believing they are one and the same. While dedication is crucial, a solid personal brand positioning strategy helps you recognize that your impact extends beyond your job role, focusing instead on the change you create.

Your purpose is a deserving metric.

The significance of having a clear purpose is often underestimated. A well-defined purpose guides our efforts towards what we want to be known for rather than just our deliverables or skills. Achieving this clarity requires honesty and introspection about why we do what we do.

Channel confusion is real and distracting.

Many seeking personal branding support are primarily concerned with succeeding on specific channels, such as social media. However, the plethora of channels for expressing our personal brands can lead to confusion. A presence on multiple channels will never have a tangible impact if your personal brand positioning is unclear.

The root of all evil (and insecurities) lies in comparison.

The greatest confusion surrounding personal branding stems from the relentless comparison between ourselves and others amplified by the digital age. Instead of embracing their uniqueness, many fear standing out or causing disruption. A strong personal brand celebrates your uniqueness through your purpose, values, and skills.

Working with individuals on their personal brands has been enlightening, revealing the deep layers and complexities of personal brand strategy. The key takeaway is that a personal brand should truly reflect one’s values, goals, and the unique impact one wishes to create in the world.

It’s not about fitting into a predefined mould or competing on popularity metrics but about authentic self-expression and alignment with one’s core beliefs and aspirations.

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