Sharing not Caring

Sharing not Caring

Have you been following the 20:80 rule for your content distribution?

In a nutshell, if you put 20% into production, then your 80% should go into distribution. This ratio offers a strong framework to make your content marketing efforts more consistent and successful.

That being said, you can have the best distribution strategy in the world and still end up with little to no return on investment. If what you share is neither interesting nor memorable, it won’t matter how much time or money you spend on your distribution.

 Get to Know Your Audience

To win over your audience and earn their attention, focus on being impactful and building relationships. This means getting to your audience, their needs and the way they interact with a platform.

 A consumer report by Sprout Social reveals that the top-three reasons why people stop following a brand are:

  1. Poor customer service (56%)
  2. Irrelevant content (51%)
  3. Too many ads from that brand (43%)

Be Relevant to Your Target Customers

Being relevant is a challenge for many brands. To make things more challenging, 42% of people distrust brands because they consider them to be part of an establishment. In other words, they feel that brands are too distant, detached and lack human touch.

Customers want their favourite brands to express personality – your personality. This is an effective way to engage with humans on a human level. You need to share your voice. Perhaps a humorous style or a friendly tone may be the perfect fit for your brand. However, stay away from hard asks, plugging deals and sharing testimonials. These rarely work and, if anything, could have the opposite effect.

This is challenging because leads and conversions are obviously a vital part of your brand’s survival and success. Yet, if you can shift your focus from revenue to relatability, you will be able to engage with people on an emotional level and discover new opportunities that were otherwise never there.

Make Them Feel Special

To create your mark when distributing content, you have to give your audience something extra while also making them feel special. With so many brands and businesses pushing content, put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

What can you do to perk them up?

How can you get them to listen and engage with your brand?

What will you say to inspire them for more?

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