Riddle Instructions

Riddle Instructions

In a way, your product instruction manual or video can be a fundamental part of your content marketing. This is the content that is closest to home – it can show how well you know your customers and the questions they might face in the use of your product.

It’s also a decisive moment for what your customer will expect from you and your product in the future. Create frustration at this basic level, and recovery can be difficult.

On the other hand, with simple and clear information, it becomes much easier for your customers to see value in your products.

Clarity Is Key

When it comes to creating instructions, customer support or a knowledge base for your products or services, clarity is key. What defines whether something is clear? When clarity is achieved, it makes for easier and better decisions. It can empower people to act, learn and support your vision and goals.

To guide you in converting your expert knowledge into easy-to-understand instructions for customers, start by answering the following questions:

  • Who’s your prospective customer?
  • What’s your prospective customer’s point of view about your product or service?
  • What do you want them to do? How do you want them to do it?
  • What’s the simplest way to communicate the best parts of your product or service?
  • What evidence do you have to support your claims?

Adding Clarity to Your Instructions

Once you’ve answered the key questions above, there are four ways to add clarity to the instructions for your products or services:

  1. Make a list of objectives in a logical order
  2. Teach in a step-by-step manner
  3. Use relevant examples in explanations
  4. Create answers to common problems

The next step is to begin writing instructions clearly and concisely.

Writing Clear Instructions

If you can write your product instructions clearly, you’ll be able to reduce friction and deliver a smooth experience with your business.

Here are a few methods to ensure that your writing remains crystal clear:

  • Know what you want to say/write
  • Define unfamiliar words
  • Make your sentences short
  • Create a consistent tone of voice
  • Don’t use long words

You can also use a number of tools to check the quality of your writing. For example, the Hemingway App and Grammarly are designed to help you write clear messages. These tools quickly highlight complicated words and sentences to help you improve structure, flow and readability.

There’s an art to sharing your knowledge with others. You can think of it as a journey that gives your customers the confidence to move from beginner to expert. As you find the right ways to educate your clients, you’ll soon see how effectively it supports your customer base and boosts your business.

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