Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing

Is newsletter marketing still an effective way to promote your business? With marketers flooding inboxes with their promotions, giveaways and updates, how can your emails possibly stand out against all that noise?

Actually, newsletter marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies to engage an audience and increase sales. In a study by Monetate, researchers found that email marketing leads to 4.24% more sales. Compare this with search engine visitors at 2.49% and 0.59% from social media.

Personalisation and Relevance are Key

If you’re using a newsletter to tick off another marketing strategy from the list, don’t be surprised when your audience unsubscribes. What makes newsletter marketing so effective is your ability to communicate in a personalised way. The top-two reasons why people will open an email from you are personalisation and discounts.

However, there’s another key factor that can’t be ignored: relevance. When something is highly relevant to you, it doesn’t matter what form it comes in; you want to consume it. That’s the best approach to take for your newsletters in order to create interest in your products or services and engagement in your marketing campaigns. You can do this by creating content people look forward to reading, which will help to build a relationship with you. When it’s time for them to buy, you’ll be at the top of their mind.

In fact, all forms of marketing need to be highly relevant and offer value to the audience you target. The difference with newsletter marketing is that you can segment your audience into their specific interests and individual needs. That’s how you deliver value in between the global updates about your company, the team and your products and services.

How the New York Times Does It

Take a look at the New York Times: their newsletter subscribers consume twice as much content as non-readers. These subscribers are also twice as likely to become paid subscribers.

Lindsay Goddard, Email Product Manager at the New York Times, says, “Every newsletter has a very different goal, whether it’s driving eyeballs back to the site, or serving as a testing ground for a new product, or serving as a special incentive to a paid subscription.”

When you create content that’s relevant and engaging, newsletter marketing can be highly effective for your brand. Just remember that every marketing approach takes time, testing and consistency to get it right.

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