Tharawat Magazine

About the project

Tharawat Magazine is an award-winning publication that has been dedicated to the family business and entrepreneurship field for the past 10 years. It has achieved global recognition as one of the foremost resources for business owners and their families.

With over 1000 published articles, Tharawat Magazine represents one of the largest collections of family business content in the world and reaches a global network of business owners and partners.


tharawat magazine

Facts and Figures:

Readers: 2.4 Million p.a.*

Median Age: 39

Male/Female: 53/47

Page Views: 2.1 Million p.a.

Unique Visitors: 1.2 Million p.a.

Print Readers: 140’000**

Median HHI: $200’000-300’000**

Social Media (inc. Facebook and Twitter): ca. 300’000 followers

*Combined numbers for print and online audience **Print readers 3.5 per copy